Fundamentals of Facilities Management Practice


Facilities Management has been said to account for up to 80% of the total Real Estate asset lifecycle. This makes FM a very integral aspect for businesses and investors who intends to either reduce their Real Estate operational cost or ensure that their Real Estate assets continue to return high rental or sales value.

Unfortunately, human capacity in FM in Africa is very limited, because there are only very few higher institutions who offer FM at undergraduate level. The effect of this is a very low pool of FM talents for organizations and businesses to draw from; and clearly those who have managed to get into FM roles need to be re-skilled to meet the increasing challenge of managing Real Estate assets for optimal performance.

The Fundamentals of Facilities Management Practice is therefore a two-day intensive online training designed to help businesses improve their FM employee productivity by skilling them for the challenging of optimizing assets and effective and efficient day-to-day running of the Facility. It is also designed for professionals who work in FM-interfacing roles such as Admin, Supply & Procurement, Project Management, and Engineering to understand the fundamentals of FM so they can work together for more productive output of the business.

So, if you’re a young graduate who wants to begin your career in Facilities Management with the right skill and understanding, this training is for you. If you are already working in FM and find it difficult to link your day-to-day operations activities to the Real Estate objectives of your employer, you need to register for this training now.

Facilities Management is evolving into one of the most important positions in any organization, one that requires both expertise in traditional facility processes as well as technological savviness; position yourself for the opportunities in the FM space today with our Fundamentals of Facilities Management Training.


Virtual: N60,000
Physical: N85,000
  • 2 Days

Course Highlights:

Module 1: Introduction to Facility Management

  • Fundamentals of Facilities Management.
  • Important tips for achieving success in Facilities Management.

Module 2: Introduction to Operations & Maintenance

  • Facilities Management Operation & Maintenance.
  • Customer relations in FM.
  • Basic HSE practice
  • Help participants understand the scope and principles of FM practices and the key areas of operations.
  • Introduce participants to the right skills and competencies for a successful career in FM and help businesses improve employee productivity to ensure organizational goals are achieved effectively.
  • Introduce participants to the basic principles of maintenance operations in Facilities Management.
  • Enlighten participants on the interaction and connection Facilities managements has with other areas of the business such as Admin, Finance, Procurement, Safety, Health & Environment, etc.
  • Expose participants to the skill gaps between their current position as against their personal or business productivity, also provide insight on how to bridge the gap.
  • Educate participants on how to develop a comprehensive checklist of key FM terminologies and how they apply in day to day operation.
  • Young graduates interested in strategizing, planning and coordinating the maintenance of a building, negotiating and budget control, etc.
  • Junior facility managers looking to grow their career.
  • Professionals who manage or coordinate FM-related services or are moving in such roles (e.g. Admin managers, procurement officer, SHE Advisors etc.)

The FFM is a two days training course. Participants will be supported with relevant materials to embed and sustain learning.

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