Leading FM Business and Operations


With Real Estate accounting for up to 40% of most organization’s overhead, an oversupplied office space market and vacancy in the residential space hovering in the corridor of 30 to 40%; the ultimate responsibilities for business performance and operational efficiency now also sit on the shoulders of senior managers in corporations and top executive of FM and allied companies.

These new responsibilities are necessitating a renewed approach at how FM is run and resources managed. From strategy to operational tactical, finance management to manpower planning, procurement strategy, quality assurance and business performance evaluation; the Leading FM Business and Operations is designed to give participants a 360-degree view of FM business and operations in ways that they can be aligned to business objectives.

This training is therefore a three-day case-study-driven program designed to help senior managers and business leaders look deeper into operations and support the understanding of the FM market trend, specific FM indices and strategic operational metrics that will improve their business performance and operational efficiency.

It gives participants the opportunity to learn from our faculty of experienced business leaders who have delivered profit on some of the biggest FM project in Africa. The training is opened to leaders of FM companies, Team lead of FM in the corporate organization, professionals involved in the supply chain that delivers FM services and operation managers in FM related and interfacing roles.

Available on request

3 Days

Course Outline

Module 1: Strategy & Innovation

  • Designing & Managing Performance for Business Success.
  • Trends & Innovation in a Dynamic FM Market
  • Leading Strategies for Managing Successful FM Business
  • Strategies and processes for Facility Management outsourcing and contracting

Module 2: Leadership & Management

  • Facilities Management and the law
  • Managing the FM Business
  • Financial Planning in Facilities Management

Module 3: Building Services Management

  • Operational Efficiency, Asset Management & Maintenance Planning
  • The Ultimate Workplace – Meeting & Managing Customer’s Expectation.

Module 4: Business Continuity & Compliance

  • Business Continuity and FM Sustainability.
  • Strategies and processes for Facility Management outsourcing and contracting.
  • This training will help you combine your business management knowledge and skills with various organizational resources to satisfy your FM customer’s profitably.
  • Demonstrate to participants, the strategies of handling jobs, tendering, outsourcing and managing the FM supply chain through international standard processes.
  • Expose participants to functional and operational strategies around key elements of the market – People, Processes, and Places.
    The Critical Success Factors in Nigeria’s business environment will be uncovered to participants
  • The training will show participants, how to design functional and measurable systems that meet their needs profitably.
    Expose participants to metrics that matters in achieving people productivity, business profitability and environmental responsibilities.
  • FM Business Owners
  • Lead FMs
  • Operations Managers in FM-Related and Interfacing Roles
  • Owners of FM-Related Businesses

The training is a hands-on, case-study-driven course delivered through a mix of classroom presentations, syndicate sessions and supporting reference materials.

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