04 Aug 2021

How to move from paper-based FM records to computerized management systems


Olu’s Facilities Management business was booming and his smile keeps getting wider with each visit to the bank. Still, he had a pounding headache at least twice a week just from trying to locate the right information about the different properties that he was managing. Even though his business is booming, the daily processes have become more complicated as documentation is done manually.

As a business grows, higher levels of complexities start to set in especially in the areas of documentation. Top-performing facility managers must, therefore, deliberately plan to switch from the old way of keeping records on paper to a computerized system.





Why more managers are using a Computerized Maintenance Management System


The previous week, Olu had to delay in making certain decisions because two important documents containing details about some properties were nowhere to be found. Having a paper-based record system means that documents can get lost or damaged and this will eventually create a gap in the records. 

Facility Management records usually help the manager in creating and keeping track of maintenance schedules, assigning tasks to the right persons, getting the right information to the right workers at the right time. Having to peruse thick books containing this information before finding the right details is time-consuming and can be avoided entirely with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

A CMMS provides a virtual framework that collects, sorts, and edits information of each facility accordingly. It makes it possible to move between the information of two or more facilities seamlessly as well as search for specific information and find it in seconds.  

Managers who work with a CMMS are more able to properly oversee the properties that they manage. As with every business activity, there are always tasks that repeat themselves week in and out, having a CMMS in place makes it possible to automate those processes and save time.

        How to switch to a Computerized Maintenance Management System


Switching to a computerized maintenance management system requires three core things: 

  • the computer software; 
  • the technical know-how, and
  • the data to be transferred. 

After selecting the software, you need to know how to use it to capture all your important facility records. The best way to do this is to take this course on Techniques For Moving From Paper-Based Fm Records To Computerised Maintenance Management System (Cmms) by the Alpha Mead Training Center (AMTC)

The course will help you to understand the various documentation and records that are required in a facilities management business and break down the essential steps to make the switch from paper to digital. 

Remember that one of the requirements for switching to a CMMS is to know the software to use. The course will show you the best options for a facilities management business and take you through how to use them. 

Every industry is embracing new ways that produce better results using technology and the Facilities Management industry is not different. Taking a course on how to switch to a CMMS can mean the difference between a proactive facilities manager and a reactive one. Make the switch today

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