01 Apr 2015

Contracting and Procurement for Facility Managers


Course Code: AMF 002

For Whom: Facility Managers, Estate Managers, Admin Managers, Corporate Services Managers, Branch Rollout Managers, Cell Site Construction Company, Real Estate Developers, Project Managers and Executives Overseeing Facilities Management.

Need: This course is designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and techniques to manage contract and service levels effectively, and to achieve the demanding performance requirements expected of them.

Objective: The objective of this course is to,

  • Provide course participant with an understanding of the fundamental concept and challenges associated with contracting and procurement.
  • Examine requirement definition and tendering and sourcing methodologies with a focus on the characteristics of efficient and effective contract and procurement systems.
  • Assist organizations in their efforts to develop and institutionalize transparent, efficient and effective contract and procurement systems.

Course Content:

  • General principles and strategies
  • Types of contract
  • Contract management role and responsibilities
  • Performance Management
  • Functional role and interfaces
  • Selection and award of contracts
  • Commercial aspects of contracting
  • How to main quality and add value throughout the contract life cycle
  • How to main contract change, cost variation and cash flow and prepare for re-tender/renewal
  • Contract management and control