Case Studies


Alpha Mead Training Centre was recently commissioned a leading African Commercial Bank to help expand the capacity of their in-house FM team to address issues around their increasing idle asset, poor space planning, recurrent disruption of critical asset etc.


After engagement with the General Manager, FM and Reality of the Bank, we subjected their issues to our Diagnose & Assess, Design & Customize, and Reinforce Learning approach.

The result of this process was a three-day “Facility Management for Business Leaders” training session. The program was customized based on the result of training need assessment and extensive interviews with leaders and participants.

For example, one element of the training focused on the 12 key principles for achieving operational excellence in facility management. This module helped the team to identify and understand the basic steps a Facilities Manager needs to follow to accomplish critical success in the gap areas identified by the bank.


Few months after the training session, the Realities and Facilities Management unit of the bank met their objectives and also increased their internal customer satisfaction rating from 60% achieved the previous year, to 80%.