28 Apr 2022

4 Common Mistake  Facility Managers Must Avoid for Success 

Managing facilities of any kind could be overwhelming as there are several factors to keep in focus. From equipmentmaintenance to planned and unplanned works, sourcing and keeping the right personnel to demonstrating value to management; the job of a Facility Manager includes a wide scope of activities. Balancing these requires great skill that not all FM professionals have quite mastered. But what are the common mistakes made by practitioners and how can you avoid the same pitfalls? Well, the ensuing paragraphs should help with that:

Missing scheduled maintenance:

In the sphere of facilities management, it is imperative that all maintenance is scheduled and properly managed in order to track facility usage. The Facilities Management industry thrives on its ability to ensure minimal to zero downtime whilst ensuring business runs smoothly without complaints.  Schedule maintenance will help prevent equipment breakdown hence optimizing cost and productivity. Maintenance can be scheduled on a computer software that sends a prompt to the inspection officer as well as the supervisor reminding them of the various inspections, another way to follow up on this is by keeping an inspection calendar and checklist.  In your operations, ensure not to miss a maintenance schedule as it could have dire consequences.

Sloppy HSE compliance:

Accidents and injuries do not happen every day, but when they occur you want to reduce the disruptions they have on the business and manpower. Workplace health and safety is about sensibly managing risks to protect workers, assets and reputation and as an FM professional, it is necessary to regularly conduct and coordinate regular effective HSE internal inspections and audits to reduce lost-time injuries. Ensuring staff and visitors comply with all safety protocols, report cases of unsafe conditions and act accordingly. Lastly, always be prepared for emergencies, they rarely occur, but be equipped well enough to manage them effectively.

Inadequate FM Trainings:

Like many other professions, FM is evolving and learning they say never stops. To remain at the peak of your career in Facilities management, frequent training is required for the Managers and Workers alike. When workers are not rigorously trained according to industry standards, they are most certain to deliver below expectations which can be very chaotic for both end users and the FM professional. Steer clear of this, by providing intensive present-day FM training for workers and professionals. Alpha Mead Training Center (AMTC) offers a variety of facilities management trainings from fundamental to advanced and professional internationally recognized FM certifications that will keep you up to date with modern FM techniques needed to succeed in the industry.  Poorly trained FM workers deliver low quality services and needless to say; these services are often dissatisfying. Deliver exceptional service to your customers by upskilling for success.

Ignoring soft skills:

In the workplace several skills are needed to get by and  as an FM professional, it is essential that you employ not only technical skills but also soft skills in delivering right. You do not want to yell at clients or coworkers because they do not take your great ideas on board, or delay making an important decision because it lacks urgency. Soft skills like proper communication, problem-solving skills, decision making ability should never be put aside by an FM professional.

In the final analysis, seek opportunities to develop yourself and your team to deliver on organisational mandate.  At Alpha Mead Facilities, our years of experience of delivering exceptional services to organisations of different sizes across the globe is a cutting-edge that our clients enjoy. Speak to us today for your facilities management needs, call 0700-25742-6323.

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