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Facilities Management has been said to account for up to 80% of the total Real Estate asset lifecycle. This makes FM a very integral aspect for businesses and investors who…
The dire cost of the unexpected breakdown of critical equipment and the consequent loss of man hour due to the lack of a maintenance plan is compelling more businesses…
With Real Estate accounting for up to 40% of most organization’s overhead, an oversupplied office space market and vacancy in the residential space hovering in the corridor of 30 to 40%…

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IFMA Facility Management Professional (FMP) Credential Program

Globally, the Facilities Management profession and practice are evolving. For example, workplace solutions and management are finding their way to the heart of FM practices and technology is playing a significant role in the mix.

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Guaranteed Quality

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company by both United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). That means our processes, systems and materials have been audited and certified to be in consonance with what is obtainable in developed climes like the U.K.

Relevant Industry Experience

From Oil and Gas to Telecommunications, Residential to Healthcare, Retail to Industrial, and hospitality and public sector assets management; our claim o vast industry experience is not only because we have been in operations for more than 10 years, it is also because we have clear, verifiable footprints of successes across major industries and locations. We do not simply assign a facilitator based on availability; we match the right skills and experience with the needs of the participants.

Practical “Real World” Training

Giving our years of experience in the industry, our training programmes have been designed to be very practical and focused on real situations and challenges that professionals face every day.
Our approach has been to create case-studies out of our vast experience and operations; and work our participants through how we have handled such situations and achieved results on some of the most complex projects in Africa.

Customer Success

Flexible Training Solutions

Whatever your training needs are; either you want to improve organisational performance, process efficiency or you want to take the next big leap in your FM career; we have designed our training programmes just for you and selected a faculty of very experienced professionals who have distinguished themselves on the job, and are duly certified by recognized global bodies to guide you or your organisation.
If yours in an organisation with a bespoke needs for training your FM team, we have systems that can help you identify skill gaps within your organisation and professionals who can recommend and design programmes to meet your specific needs.

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