15 Oct 2021

Rising trends in FM: future of facility management

The year 2020 paved the way to an era of transformational change in the facility management profession. The work of facility managers has evolved from simply managing facilities to creating, implementing, and maintaining organizational and strategic value in facilities; thanks to technology. From solutions that make jobs more fulfilling to innovations that improve personal life to increase the standard of living. Here are some rising trends in Fm; 


Green buildings and sustainable building practices: 

A lot of companies are focusing more on engaging with facility management partners who provide sustainable equipment and solutions, which in turn will help to reduce their carbon footprint as well as help facility managers ensure that the workforce is well-conversant with positive environmental practices. This is because these partners may assist in recommending the usage of sustainable practices like banning the use of non-biodegradable materials to make buildings more eco-friendly. HVAC units, insulation strategies, motion-sensor lights with automatic turn-off are all technologies that are on the right step forward. Partnerships and collaborations with related industries will help the FM market to keep evolving. 


AI, robotics 

A lot of software providers are now committed to innovation, making room for AI and robotics in FM. It is evident that facility management businesses need to integrate with more software platforms and tech devices and equipment. The internet of things [ IoT], Artificial intelligence [AI] and smart building technologies have created new ways of working and managing end-to-end platform FM processes and workspaces. 


User experience is key 

When it comes to the FM space, a lot of organizations are already beginning to digitize their operations by operating on digital platforms. This is mainly to ensure ease of user experience. Companies are now looking at solution providers that provide an entire range of offerings like asset tracking, energy consumption monitoring, security, inventory management, HVAC, and mobile capabilities: under a single roof. This increased interaction with software for simple operations is indicative of the trend of using a system that users are comfortable with and which is universal across software sectors. 


All these above trends have been driven forward by changes brought forth by the pandemic. As these trends continue to advance, one can surely witness the emergence of newer technologies that will reshape employee experiences driven by FM trends in a different way altogether. The role of the facility manager is becoming more prominent and even beginning to shift from an operational to a strategic level, facility managers now combine an eye for innovation, expertise, strategic thinking, and continuous improvement. Change is inevitable – but these facility management trends are here to stay. 

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