08 Sep 2021

3 ways Facility Management Skills Reduce Cost for You No Matter Your Profession

Whether in Accounting, Medicine, Real Estate or any other profession, people rely on facilities every day to get tasks done without even realizing it. Buildings provide a safe space for families to live and for employees to work. HVAC systems make sure that the inhabitants of a building are comfortable.  

Having a good knowledge of how to manage these facilities will help companies and families save money. Here are three different ways in which Facility Management skills will help you to reduce operating cost: 

1. Facility Management helps you make better use of space 

One of the lingering impacts of the covid-19 pandemic is the increase in the number of people who are choosing remote work over going to the office. In Nigeria, there was a 22% drop in workplace activities by August 2020. A 2012 report by GSA showed that only 35% to 50% of the workplace is actually used by employees during work hours. 

For businesses, all of these numbers point to the fact that less space is actually being utilized on a daily basis. When you consider that the company is spending money to maintain all of the space regardless, facility management knowledge becomes indispensable.  

Equipped with facility management skills, any professional, including accountants and lawyers, will be able to create effective space management strategies. This will, in turn, put spaces in the building to more profitable use and reduce the hefty long-term cost of maintaining it. 

2. Facility Management helps to save extensively on energy cost 

35% of the energy consumed by a building is usually by the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) while lighting takes up another significant 11%. Refrigerators, Water Heaters, Freezers take 18% while electronics and other miscellaneous equipment split the remaining 38%.  

This is where Facility Management skills come in. The overall electricity bill can be brought down significantly from the lighting unit consumption. The knowledge from a Facilities Management course will teach and guide anyone in adopting energy-saving techniques like using double-glazing on windows and enhanced wall insulation. 

Not only will this energy-saving knowledge bring down the company’s energy cost in the long term, but it will also reduce its carbon emission. It will help it come up with more cost-saving measures by tracking energy use.  

3. Facility management skills improve employee productivity levels and lower staff attrition rate 

 Facilities Management knowledge can play a significant role in helping the company retain staff, increase employee productivity and support recruitments. The organization benefits more when the members of staff are able to make the workplace more inspiring and productive for themselves with the knowledge that facility management courses provide. 

People tend not to stay long in places where they are not often inspired and their productivity levels continue to drop. Replacing these staff costs time, money and manpower. This cost is greatly reduced when the staff is equipped with the knowledge to make their workplace more enjoyable and inspiring. 

The goal is not to turn lawyers, engineers and other professionals into Facility Managers. However, the individual and the company will be better off in the long term when professionals have the requisite knowledge of how to manage their facilities and get the best results from them. Here is a course that can provide the essential FM knowledge that you need.  

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