IFMA Facility Management Professional (FMP) Credential Program

Globally, the Facilities Management profession and practice are evolving. For example, workplace solutions and management are finding their way to the heart of FM practices and technology is playing a significant role in the mix. Like other professions, FM is also becoming a borderless profession. This indeed call on African FM professionals to stand up and be counted as global FM professionals.

Therefore, beyond the new skills and competencies that the FMP programme offers, its participants, the credential indeed expands the career growth opportunities for the participants. With the FMP credentials, FM professionals have limitless opportunities to practice in developed climes of the world where IFMA is recognized as a leading training association for the development and globalization of FM standards.

The Facility Management Professional (FMP) credential program is, therefore a four-part knowledge and assessment-based certificate program with in-depth look into the core areas of FM considered crucial by employers. The training is designed for professionals in FM and other related fields, looking to prepare themselves for the future of FM, keep themselves abreast of latest industry trends and align themselves with FM global standards and practices.

The primary goal of the IFMA FMP program is to give participants a competitive edge within their organization and the FM industry as a whole.

Course Outline

The IFMA FMP program is an eight –day training with intensive knowledge sessions consisting of four modules.

 Module 1: Operations and Maintenance

  • Operations and Maintenance Overview.
  • Assessing Facility needs.
  • Managing operations and maintenance of building, systems and equipment.
  • Managing occupant’s services.
  • Selecting the best resources.
  • Measuring Operations and maintenance Performance


Module 2: Project Management 

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Defining and Planning Projects
  • Managing and Overseeing Projects


Module3: Finance and Business Essentials 

  • Finance and Business in the Facility Organization
  • Financial Management of the Facility Organization
  • Procurement in the Facility Organization


Module4: Leadership and Strategy Essentials 

  • Plan Strategically
  • Lead and manage facility organization
  • Provide Leadership to the entire organization

Upon the completion of this program participants would be equipped with practical skills that would help their organization cut down on operating costs, boost their personal brand and give them a competitive edge within their company and the entire FM industry.

  •  Expose participants to the process of carry out a proper assessment in determining the needs of a facility
  • To enable participant with the skills needed to design procurement processes and implement planned programs.
  • To enlighten participants on how to lead and manage FM resources in line with global best practices.
  • To equip participants with the requisite skills needed to manage and oversee large projects and deliver results.
  • To help participants identify and recommend required FM resources for optimal business performance.
  • To help participants understand the importance of Finance in FM Business Operations.
  • The IFMA FMP course is designed to meet the career needs of;
  • Experienced Facilities management practitioners looking for a stepping stone toward the IFMA CFM credential
  • Transitioning professionals with significant experience in former related careers
  • Middle to top management professionals in FM related industries, such as architects, safety engineers, project managers etc.
  • Providers of FM related services
  • Young FM talents entering the profession from universities, certificated or technical programs.

This is a four-module assessment training course, spanning a total of 8 to 10 days. It is delivered through classroom presentations, supporting reference materials, and an assessment at the end of each module – depending on participant’s preferred training option.

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