30 Sep 2022

Making The Most of Your E-learning Experience

The quest for the right training can be quite demanding, having to juggle through cities to get a degree or study a new course, this process can be time-consuming and discomforting. However, the story has changed since the introduction of e-learning, a process where people learn and teach online with the use of computers.

Technology has made it possible to create courses on the web in various forms such as presentation, videos, audio, and texts; making it much more accessible anytime and anywhere around the world. This disruptive innovation saves time and eliminates the hurdle of traveling long distances to learn. Virtual classrooms are a part of e-learning, designed to enable participants to interact with their classmates and instructors in real-time using the computer and internet connection.

Widely adopted around the globe as a cost-effective and convenient way of sharing knowledge and skill, E-learning method reachs a wide range of students irrespective of distance and time. Many institutions and corporate organizations still leverage E-Learning even after the reopening of physical classrooms during the pandemic, according to KPMG “in some large organizations, up to 60% of total training costs are attributed solely to traveling costs”. This might just be one of the many reasons why E-learning remains a better option.

Now we know the value that this innovation has brought us, how can we effectively use it to achieve our goals without missing the experience of self-paced learning?

Make adequate preparation:

Like physically learning, learning through the internet also requires preparation. Besides registration and signing up on the e-learning platform, you want to ensure that the right arrangements have been made with regard to the study environment. It is extremely important to avoid distractions while taking a course online or completing an assessment. It is best to position yourself in a quiet space with fewer interruptions from people and even your mobile devices. Another thing to consider is timing, yes! E-learning is self-paced; however, it requires discipline and commitment in terms of planning your time and sticking to your schedule. Remember the goal is to learn within a given time frame. You do not want to spend 3months on a three-week online course that can be completed in two weeks by someone with better time management skills. Verify your network connection is good enough. Make your writing materials available, to note down important points.

Set learning objectives and create a learning schedule:

What are your expectations as you learn? Identify the learning objectives, list them out and ensure all are checked out by the end of the learning sessions. Some sessions can be very exhausting, it is necessary to take breaks in between these long classes to recharge and relax for a moment. Learning for a long period without a break reduces overall productivity. While creating your schedule, be sure to include breaks where necessary schedules are also very helpful when studying multiple online courses. All these should be put into consideration while planning for an eLearning course.

Practice as you learn:

One method of making knowledge relevant is by applying it, making use of the new skills as you go on with other activities, let the impact of the knowledge be felt by you and those around you. This will remind you of the new things you have grasped from your last e-learning session.

Learning can be mind-boggling irrespective of the form, the result of several hours, days, or weeks invested in training should not result in feeling drained but rather empowered. eLearning can be very engaging and satisfying when you make the most of it without forgetting the objectives.
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