23 Jul 2019


Facilities Management like every other profession has its terms and jargon. These terms help summarize ideas, situations and make communications seamless professionals.

In client communications however, it is advisable to be plain and simple; it is not necessary that the client will be a Facilities Management professional.

Whether you’re a facilities management veteran or a newcomer to the field, you will nonetheless need to have knowledge of the terms and terminologies in order to perform your job at optimal efficiency.

So, to help you along your way, Alpha Mead Training Centre, has pulled together some terms that Facilities Managers use in most cases. Here are some of the terms;

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer or Owner Equipment Manual): Facilities Management professionals usually use this word as a reference point and/or to refer to the manufacturer or manual of an operating asset i.e Generator, Hvac .

SLA (Service Level Agreement): A service-level agreement is a contract between a service provider and its internal or external customers that documents what services the provider will furnish and defines the service standards the provider is obligated to meet.

PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance): This is used to describe proactive measure put in place to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of facilities or equipment.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract): AMC is a terminology used in the Facilities Management industry to affirm yearly contractual agreement between FM Company and its third-party vendors or subcontractors.

O & M (Operations & Maintenance): This is the core or heart of Facilities Management and it is basically used to describes field tasks or activities.

CAPEX (Capital Expenditures): CAPEX is used to connote one-off or long-term expenditure that needs to be incurred for assets replacement, upgrades or improvement.

OPEX (Operating Expenditures): OPEX is used basically to describe day-to-day Operations and Maintenance expenditure.

Assets Register: This is a list of all equipment or fixed assets a facility owns. It is usually tagged or numbered and audited.

FCA/S (Facility Condition/Survey): It’s a vocabulary used by Facilities Managers to describe a process of analyzing state or condition of a facility in terms of design, age, etc. It is usually done at the initial stage of an FM contract and periodically during the contract or life-cycle of the asset.

Client Rep: This refers to the owner or client representative. It is mostly used by Senior Practitioners to motivate or encourage subordinate to do things in a creative manner during difficult tasks or situation to achieved better results or outcomes.

Variables: This is used to describe allotted sum in SLA especially for corrective maintenance that required client or client rep. consent before such maintenance work is executed.

Annual FM Report/Budget: This is also known as the yearly performance report or budget. It is a vocabulary used for the evaluation of the Facilities Management evaluation operations and financial projection.

Workflow/Process Flow: It’s a term used to reference a sequence of FM operations or activities that ease bottleneck and improve operations efficiency.

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