Professional Facilities Manager’s Course


The increasing cost of unexpected breakdown of critical equipment and its consequent loss of man hours is compelling more businesses to make a huge investment in Facilities Management. This reality is speedily increasing awareness for FM practice and demand for FM professionals who can help businesses manage these investments and take sound, technical decisions that can improve boom line.

The need to empower individuals to take up these emerging roles and ensure that professional standards are still being delivered necessitated this Course. The PFM is a 3-day series of training modules in core areas of Facilities Management, Customers and Stakeholder Relationships, Human Capital Management, Project Management, etc.

This course is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between operational FM practices and strategic FM operations. It is also designed to help organizations enhance their staff competencies and grow capacity to deliver standards and improved productivity.

Course Outline:

  • FM and Building Maintenance
  • Contract Administration and Budgeting
  • Customers and Stakeholders Relations
  • Managing People for FM Performance
  • Project-Managing FM projects
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Organisations that enrol or sponsor their employees for this training will be able to record significant improvement in terms of cost savings, which will come as a result of better understanding of budgeting, deployment of resources, process efficiency and prevention in loss of lives and property.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to

  • Draft and administer FM contract
  • Develop, analyse, interpret and report FM budget
  • Understand different stakeholders in the FM value chain and how to interface with them
  • Arrange and deploy human and materials resources for FM projects
  • Operate and maintain buildings for optimal performance
  • Understand Project Management and its value to FM
  • Identify safety and security risks and plan to arrest them, in case of eventualities.
  • Facilities Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • HSE Advisors
  • Quality Assurance/Control Managers
  • Middle and Aspiring Managers in FM and FM-interfacing roles

The PFM is a three-day training course. Mode of delivery is classroom presentations. However, participants will be supported with relevant materials to embed and sustain learning.

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