Facilities Management Master Class


The impressive government policies and steady improving macroeconomic fundamentals are brewing a new confidence in Africa’s Real Estate market. The direct impact of this promising improvement in the connents’s property market is being accompanied by a deliberate aempt from investors to maximize returns on exisng assets and new projects. To help investors do this, Facilies Management will play a significant role.
This trend will speedily increase the demand for FM professionals who can help investors and corporate organizaons manage their assets to improve boom line performance and lifecycle. The Ghana FM Masterclass is, therefore, a two-day series of classroom training, workshop and exercises in the core areas of Facilies Management that will empower you for this opportunity.

The course is designed to help you posion for employment and career development opportunies in the market by expanding you through case-study leaning taken from successful FM projects across Africa.

  • 1,300Ghc
  • Not Available
  • Participants who register or organisations who enroll their employees for this Masterclass will see significant improvement in the cost reduction capabilities, budgeting resource deployment and process efficiency.
  • Enhance Competence in contract draing and budget management
  • Improved capability in running FM business and FM operaon for beer business performance
  • Expanded knowledge and beer understanding of FM as it relates to supply chain management, procurement strategies, HSE emergency preparedness, and human resources management
  • A deeper understanding of project management and risk management
  • Ability to manage mulple projects and improve occupant experience improve ability in report indexing and data intepretaon
  • Estate Managers
  • Admin Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Real Estate Professionals


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