Advanced Facilities Management Practice


The increasing sophistication of Real Estate assets and business process management has necessitated the need for high skill level and methods in managing the FM and business outsourcing processes. Also, for both FM service providers and corporate FM professionals, trends such as global outsourcing, operational standards, and Building Information Systems are at the heart of operational and business performance.

The Advanced Facilities Management Practice training is a three-day, case study-driven course designed to help middle to middle-top managers in FM, Real Estate and Asset Management use relevant methods and skills to address emerging issues and dynamics in FM operations.

The course is to help participants develop the right competencies to link business objectives to operational strategies, help them develop planning and implementation skills, and expose participants new trends and developments that are changing the dynamics of the industry.

Course Highlights:

  • FM Sustainability and Energy Management
  • Budgeting for FM
  • Managing FM Business Performance
  • Operational Efficiency & Asset Management
  • Quality Management in FM
  • Trends & Innovation in FM
  • Managing Risks and Business Continuity Issues in FM

The goal of this course is to help participants demonstrate the capacity to link FM operations to changing business needs, improve business performance and people productivity.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage FM operations in sustainable ways
  • Plan, budget and implement FM and business operations
  • Design strategies and measure performance with the right metrics
  • Understand business and operational performance
  • Institute Quality Management Systems across locations
  • Manage issues and processes related to business process outsourcing
  • Manage FM people and processes for business continuity
  • Understand Risk Management Strategies.
  • Senior executives in FM-interfacing roles such as: Procurement, Admin, Finance, etc.
  • Senior FMs in Corporations
  • Aspiring Senior Managers in FM and FM-interfacing roles.

The training is a hands-on, case-study-driven course delivered through a mix of classroom presentations, syndicate sessions and supporting reference materials.

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