As Facilities Management practices continue to play a significant role in business support services, the need for FM-specific Project Management skills also increase concomitantly.

This training course, therefore, seeks to explore different FM projects to highlight the place and relevance of Project Management at every phase of FM operations.

Participants will gain not just a beer insight into Project Management practice, but how to project-manage FM project for cost optimization, operational efficiency and business productivity.

  • Project Management- Concept and Strategies
  • Project Cycle Guidelines
  • Preparing a Project Charter
  • Project Management Constraint
  • Project Management Input, Output and Processes
  • Project Management Tools
  • Critical Success Factors and Best Practices

The goal of this course is to help participants demonstrate the capacity to link FM operations to changing business needs, improve business performance and people productivity.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Manage FM operations in sustainable ways
  • Plan, budget and implement FM and business operations
  • Design strategies and measure performance with the right metrics
  • Understand business and operational performance
  • Institute Quality Management Systems across locations
  • Manage issues and processes related to business process outsourcing
  • Manage FM people and processes for business continuity
  • Understand Risk Management Strategies.
  • Senior executives in FM-interfacing roles such as: Procurement, Admin, Finance, etc.
  • Senior FMs in Corporations
  • Aspiring Senior Managers in FM and FM-interfacing roles.

The training is a hands-on, case-study-driven course delivered through a mix of classroom presentations, syndicate sessions and supporting reference materials.

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